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Energy moves in waves. Waves move in rhythms. Rhythms move in patterns. Patterns move in cycles. A human being is just this. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.
Gabrielle Roth

Hello, do you realise how beautiful you are?

Dance meditation

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We all have special gifts and when we allow ourselves to be creative we can truly live our purpose, fully come alive and use all of our unique potential.

I help people  – just like you – to create a meaningful and passionate life aligned with your truth. I’m here to support you on your journey.

With so much love, Prateeksha


Life Coach

Loving guidence means so much when we are stuck or confused. Sign up for individual sessions and a personal development program for inner growth with full support.

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Book a class or a workshop in the calendar above and join me in powerful movement. Get in touch with your body and express the beauty of your inner world as energy sets you in motion.

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Personal Trainer

Together we create a custom training program for your particular needs and goals.

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  • 5Rhythms Moving Meditation Varberg SEK 225
  • Online 5Rhythms Classes € 13 (75 min)
  • Online Meditations € 8 (45 min)
  • 4-week Personal Development Program € 395
  • Life Coaching sessions € 80 (60 min)
  • Personal Trainer sessions € 50 (60 min)

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